Oh man these things are tedious. After fitting the ailerons, nice and close as Budd Davisson suggested, it was time to fit the coves. The problem is….how do I do it.

Seems there is no particular way. The bottom edge glues to the rear of the spar with some additional 1/4 inch blocking where there is no doubler (outside 2 bays) Fit that around the drag wire blocks and aileron coves – tedious but easy to do conceptually. Then you end up here….

Cove fitted

The problem now is how to I fix the top. There seems to be three approaches.

  1. Fit aluminium trailing edge to the ribs, fix and then glue the ply cove to the aluminium as per the Taff method (Taff is the user name of a Florida based Skybolt builder on Bi Plane Forum
  2. Glue as depicted above then sheet the whole thing in 1/32 ply. This is the Beej method (A Texas based Skybolt builder on Bi Plane Forum
  3. Infill the gaps with filler strips like the first bay here….
I really don’t like the look of that gap between filler and cove

I’ll let you know what I choose to do.