Its been a while since I posted. Things in life have slowed me down a little but I am still progressing on the lower wings. Right now the wings are done as much as i want to do before hanging them on the fuse. What is left is the leading edge including the fibreglass outer section and then the aileron coves. I will do these after the wings have been fitted to the fuse. In fact  I intend to glue the leading edges on the plane after it is rigged.

Right now just finishing the second lower aileron then I will be onto the top wings. See some pictures….

This is my completed second wing the lower left with trailing edge fitted.


Then the next photos show the aileron construction. If you are on the BiPlane Forum, I used the Ray Moeller approach to glueing the ribs into place, that is on the wing itself to ensure alignment. The first pictures are the aileron mounted in place with trailing edge in place



The final photos are the first completed aileron


These will be connected to the hinges and mounted on the wing prior to putting aside to start the top wings