A Steen Skybolt

built in Sydney, Australia


This page contains links to some useful sites if you are building or considering building

Plane Building in General

If you are building a Biplane, you have got to get onto the BiPlane forum. This is a fantastic community of like minded people, willing and able to help. Dont forget to donate….    Bi-Plane forum

Building Aircraft in Australia

Sports Aircraft Association of Australia – SAAA


Steen Skybolt Parts and Accessories

Steen Aero – Company that owns the plans to the Skybolt. Sells many components – Steen Aero Website


Pilot and Acro Training – Sydney

Where I do my aerobatic training. I can highly recommend the…..Australian Aerobatic Academy – Located YSBK – AAA


Australian Aerobatic Club

The organisation that runs aerobatic competitions in Australia  – AAC