A Steen Skybolt

built in Sydney, Australia

Upper Wing Centre Section

Ok here we go then….. lets start building. Yes thats right – this is the first part built, the start of the build and the first part of my build log. Whilst the official start date began when I got the plans, this is the first section of the plane that is being constructed.

It all begins from here.

I figured in order to see how I go at building and dealing with both steel and timber, the Upper Wing Centre Section on the Delta version would be a good place to start. So with some 4130steel on hand, obtained locally, I began to build. The start is the upper wing spar attach brackets (4 of) that hold the wing spars to the centre section. The centre section then suspended over the fuselage with steel streamline tube and also flying wires (more correctly – tie rods)

Official start date of the build activity: 8th September 2015

The upper wing centre section joins the top left and right wings and joins that to the fuselage via the cabanes. The centre section also houses a second fuel tank to give the plane greater endurance. Interestingly though the top tank cannot have fuel in it for aerobatic manoeuvres.

See tags – Top Wing Centre Section

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