A Steen Skybolt

built in Sydney, Australia



Welcome to my build site

I am a 49 year old father of two that can’t sit still. I have been learning to fly since I was 40 and dreaming of building my own plane since 2012. Right now I am just starting some small pieces to see how I go. Who knows how long this will take or whether or not I will finish. That is not the point. The fun part is the journey!

As this plane will be in the experimental category of aircraft, I need to document my build. This website is effectively my build log. It will record and capture the progress and build sequence of building the plane.

I am a member of SAAA Chapter 11. If you are building, thinking of building… get on it.


             On the tools

5 thoughts on “Me

  1. Hi Cameron, hope your well !

    I enjoyed looking through your web site, very good site. Nice work ! I also have a Skybolt under construction, in Canberra. Like you I have built an IO 540 for it with an MT CS prop. A little more advanced then you but still far from completed. It was a project that outlived at least 2 previouse builders without getting half way. So now its up to me be to get it done. Please feel free to get in touch some time, if you like. I’m the local TC down here and have previously completed an RV-6. Cheers Lou Szabolics. 0411 850 383. VH RVW & VH-OKV

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    1. Hi Russ. Thanks for the post. Are you Phoenix Automation Solutions because you are based in Phoenix? The reason I ask is that I travel there for work. Anyway if I can ever help let me know


  2. Cam
    I have a flying Skybolt in Australia currently at YLTV so if you need any pics hints or tips I’m happy to help
    They are unreal


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