Welcome to the New Year. Started back with the steel work and moved to the aft spar attach brackets. They are a little smaller than the front.

5th 6th January 2016 – Spar Attach brackets – 1.5 hours

Continued to cut out and form the shape of the attach brackets. Drilled the left hand side and began to form the jig for welding.


27th – 30th January – Spar Attach brackets – 6 hours

More work on the attach brackets. Through this time completed the front and back plates of the brackets for all four sections, drilled, finished the edges and completed the jigs for welding. I also spent some time cleaning up the edges with a new linisher. Having the right tools certainly makes a difference.


Also started work on the cabane attach section thats mount to the spar attach brackets. Now working with 3/16″ 4130. That stuff is really tough to cut!!