To start the build I ordered the plans for SteenAero. This is a Delta Wing so I needed to order the Delta Supplement. This will make building the wings a little easier and Manualadd to total weight due the reduced spar length.

Plans arrived and lots to learn and read about.

8th September 2015 – 1 hour read plans and update with notes from the Steen Aero Builders manual

13th September 2015 – .8 hour.  Set up builders log on iPad. Subsequently I finished using this app and built the website as a record.
13th September 2015 – .5 hour. Ordered the Skybolt Builders log from BiPlane forum website. Look for Beej (username) he has them for USD $35 – good value and full of good tips.

Total Time – notes and revisions
– 2.3 Hours