Work has begun on the rear spar. It is profiled, doublers trimmed and I have started on glueing them on. On the front spar I had dramas getting the doublers staying in position even when clamped. This time I am doing the front and will glue the back separately. This has made it much more stable. Takes longer, but they are staying in place nicely whilst drying.

While I have been doing this in between times I have completed the outside shape of the front nose ribs. There are seven of them but the outboard two are a different size (same profile) as they mount from on the attach bracket.

Below – I used a jig and trimmer bit on the router to form the outside shape of the nose rib. Picture is part way through trimming. Needs a sand too.


Above – 5 of the best. Nose ribs for the front of the centre section. Blessed to be able to pick up a set of upper wing ribs from an Australian builder. Came in handy as I was able to use a rib as a guide to ensure the profile is the same as the outer sections of the upper wing.


Left is how I have profiled the spars. Aluminium straight edge and trimmer. RHS doublers ready to go