Building continues on the front spar. I have finished the bevelling of the front spar to 10 degrees. (Rear is 8 degrees). This required a 1/8″ checkout for the spar attach bracket but as you can see from the pics, they fit just perfectly.

Once the spar attaches were mounted on the spar, next task was to drill the holes through the spar. These are all done and I have cut, fitted and drilled the aluminium right angle that fits against the attach brackets for the outboard nose and trailing ribs.

Left picture with the right front spar bracket attached. Fit is just right. Did have to sand a bit off the front and rear doublers as my glueing was not quiet tight enough. Right side, spar nice and level. Centre line bolts lined up on both sides and if you rotate the laser level the outside tips of the attaches are nicely lined up.

Once I give the doublers some wood sealer and get the brackets welded (need to add the cabane attach fittings) then it will be paint for all of the metal work and it can be re-assembled.

Next task…. Rear spar. Repeat.