The Delta variant is a three piece upper wing rather than a one piece wing. I am choosing to build this version due to: A) it can carry more fuel and B) takes less space to build. You will see I am building it in a single car garage. If you want a look have a look here for more details.

The cabane structure is almost identical to that of the Pitts Model 12.

The first picture is a view of the business end of the delta variant. note the short spacing between the first three ribs (butt rib is not in place yet). This wing is the upper right. The wing is swept back 6.5 degrees so the table is the reference and is running perpendicular to where the fuselage would sit.

Looks even more different with the inboard wires in place too. I need to make the tabs that hold the ends – haven’t done that yet as they have a massive bend in them.

The layout of the first three ribs is different on the Delta Variant. From there, its all standard Skybolt
The business end of the wing
Outboard view….