Its been a while. Despite not posting, building has been progressing. I had four weeks away from working on the plane. Its the first time I have struggled. I went overseas for work for 2 weeks then when I got back I was busy and for the first time I really struggled to go back and keep going. So I took a break. Slowly the desire returned and now I am back into it. It is really hard to keep positive and feel like you can overcome all the work you have to do. Any builders out there…..I know I haven’t finished, but I guess you gotta just keep doing little bit by little bit and reading BiPlane Forum to keep the desire going.

Check it out at…. It is such a wealth of information and a great community of helpful builders.

Now back to the wing.

Pictures first

The pictures here are of the current area I am working on. This is the wing walk. Normally you don’t have a wing walk on both sides however I am putting one in on both sides to assist passengers into the plane as they get in. The last photo with the words on it is a pic I annotated to ask a question on the Bi Plane Forum about how to round of the spar tips.

I am very close to completing the base wing. I just need to fit the wing walk ply, glue the wing bows then flip the wing and finish the underside fitting. Oh and fit the trailing edge. Should have that done by the end of next week. Getting close

After that – first aileron.