Once the crates were unpacked, I was able to get started on the wing assembly. I have started with prepping the two sets of lower wing spars. These are easier as they are symmetrical in the aerofoil shape the the spars are perpendicular to the fuselage – unlike the upper wing which has a 6.5 degree sweepback.


I have added the butt plates to the fuselage end and then laid the spars of the right lower wing into the spar racks. This takes a bit of time as you have to fit the ribs so that they slide onto the spars front and back, but primarily as you are making the wing exactly square on all planes. The spar centrelines have to lined up and the whole wing square.

Pictures below of the work to get to the ribs onto the wing spars. Next step will be to start glueing.



Finally the finished product…. the ribs are just sitting on the spars. Next step will be to start glueing.