From the last post I was making up the rear handrail that runs along the rear of the top wing centre section. In this post you will see the fitting of the rail to the rear section. It required trimming the hand rail itself and sanding the profile into the trailing ribs from the rear spar. I can see that the gap here particularly in the outboard bays will, once some supporting blocking is added will need to be filled with foam and glassed to get a smooth solid surface for the fabric to stick to. Of course that will be later as I won’t be doing any more to this section now until it is trial fitted to the fuselage.


In the photos above you will also notice that I have trimmed and prepared the bottom section of plywood. This will provide structure for the “box” that is the centre section. In addition it will contain the large (relative to the standard Skybolt) upper fuel tank.

The piece of timber laying on top (though the centre section is on the bench upside down) is the first of three laminated stringers that run front to back and screw into the spar. This will provide further strength to the front leading edge, centre section bottom ply and add rigidity to the complete centre section.