Well, all the pieces exist, just now got to get them all assembled. These pics show the spar attach brackets all fitted, the four ribs located and in place and the trailing and nose ribs. Soooo close. The metal rods between the spars are 4130 tubular compression ribs.


You will notice the front spar has the bushings installed (in gray) with the half inch bolts already placed. The front spar is missing the sway wire attach brackets, but otherwise complete. The rear spar has the bushings inserted with bolts and landing wire attach brackets. I will still need to cut the holes in the ribs to fit them, but otherwise its complete.

Some time in the next month or so I will cut and form the grab rail at the back and fit.

Would have to say the Steen CAD plans for this component are pretty good. There is an error on the way the rebates are cut out on the front spar nail strips – they are shown in reverse, otherwise, perfect.