This afternoon, spent the afternoon on the bandsaw and with the router shaping the capstrip for the centre section ribs. Once I had completed the top and bottom cap strips for each of the 4 ribs I jumped onto the thicknesser to get my oversize spars down to one inch thickness. Next step will be to bevel them on a bench saw.

Step 1: Bandsaw the top of the capstrip to rough shape. Thats me on the saw.


Step 2: Router the edges of the ops to correct size. Note the ply template used to ensure consistency. On these bigger 1 1/4″ capstrips I needed to passes, the second at a greater depth.

IMG_2231Step 3: Trim the ends with drop saw, then back on the bandsaw to trim the inside curve. This will just be sanded as it will sit inside a rib with ply on either side….not visible.

Whilst I was in my mates shed…. thought I would grab some time on the thicknesser to get the spar widths correct. That machine is magic. Andrew my quality controller in the background. He is the master, I am the apprentice.