Since the last post I have been working on a few things all at the same time.

Firstly I have found that to keep work going without interruption a need to keep an eye on what is coming up and what material I need. In Aus I have found it hard to get timber. Spruce is impossible to find (we dont grow it) and Aviation ply, whilst possible to get is in metric sizes not imperial. This means that to get what I need I am having to import from the US. Right now that lead time is about 4 weeks if there is no issue. We have a whole quarantine process here that makes getting timber into the country more difficult and expensive. So…I need to keep one eye on what is coming up and what components I need and making sure I have enough lead time factored in.

Next I installed a new 2.4 metre long table for use with timber and will be used for construction of the wings.